Presentation of the K2150 sensor to representatives of international logistics companies in Skolkovo

On July 25, 2019, in the building of the industrial park of the Skolkovo Information Center, we presented our motion sensor K2150 for warehouse management – the top management of three European logistics companies – Kuehne and Nagel, Hellman, Tablogics.


The particular interest in the discussion cause the fact that the day before we received from our partner “Energom” the results of an experiment of modernizing the lighting of the shelf warehouse`s test alley of a well-known company and included it in the presentation. Warehouse height – 14m.

As part of the experiment, instead of the existing 1×80W luminescent luminaires manufactured by EAE (special luminaires for the warehouse) in the amount of 14 pieces, six 121-watt LED luminaires and a K2150 motion sensor were installed in one alley.
According to the readings of the meters for the week, the energy consumption in the line with fluorescent lamps was 224 kW * h, while in the modernized line with a motion sensor – only 52 kW * h.

The result of the experiment: energy savings of 77% (decrease in energy consumption by 4.3 times) with an increase in illumination by 3 times (from 70 lux to 230 lux)!