Freezer & high humidity warehouses

Why those PIR sensors can not be established in freezer warehouse?


Infrared motion sensors are optical sensors with focusing lenses. In freezer warehouses lenses get covered by frost and the sensor can no longer detect any motions.

Why is the installation of motion sensors especially effective in freezing warehouses?

No one pays attention to the fact that even the best LEDs use only 20 % of the energy for light emission and 80 % for heat generation.


150 W light fixture = 120 W heater (150 W x 0.8 = 120 W)!

100 pcs 150W light fixtures = 12kW heater  and the cooling system of the warehouse must always compensate those parasite heat emissions. In such way, electric energy gets wasted twice – firstly on the air heating by fixtures, secondly on it’s cooling by chiller:

+12kW heating – 12kW cooling = 0.  Waste 24kW. Every hour! Every day!

The implementation of “Smart Lighting” in cold and freezer warehouses in particular gives the maximum economic benefit!

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