Cost-effective technology with a short payback period

_Cost-effective technology with a short payback period

1. К2150 – long range & high bay occupancy detector for lighting control and automation of high  warehouses, parking lots, industrial and urban areas


K2150 sensor is able to detect movements of humans, vehicle or other mechanisms on the area up to 3 000 square meters (32 000 sq feet).
The sensor can be used in:

–  lighting control system
–  building management system, industrial and urban territories
–  IoT systems, Smart manufacturing, Smart street and Smart City
–  as a tool of “machine vision” with an angle of 180 degrees and the range up to 80m

The sensor can distinguish:
– movement direction
– velocity of the movement
– is also able to count the number of objects, moving on different from each other directions


 2. K2304 – autonomous self-learning dimmer 1-10V for street lighting


Dimmers are installed in each outdoor lamp. This can be done directly at the HPS\LED lamps factory before production or into already existing lightning system during its renovation. There are no any requirements for the external connections between all the lamps in the system or between lamps and control box.