Cost-effective technology with a short payback period

K2150 Long-range motion / occupancy detector for lighting control and automation warehouses, urban and industrial buildings and territories  


Our K2150 motion / occupancy sensor provides the world’s best results in motion detection technology among similar products for general industrial purposes. It detects a person at a distance of 80m on an area of 3000 sq.m!

This sensor can be used in various fields: Smart city, Ind4.0, Car2X, Logistics, Lighting control, and any other automation systems that need information about the presence of humans and vehicles.

Key benefits in warehouses lighting control systems:

1. Energy savings in lighting systems are on average 3-4 times in warehouses and car parking lots.

2. The short payback period is about 1 year (the best result was 6 months).

3. One K2150 motion sensor saves up to 10 000 kWh of electric power and decreases emissions of СО2 in the atmosphere on 4 tones per year.

4. In warehouses one sensor controls an inter-rack aisle up to 85m long (detection of humans ) and up to 115 m long (detection of vehicles) – real cases!

5. Our sensor is the only sensor that can operate:

  • in warehouses from 3 to 30 m high
  • in cooling, freezing, and high humidity warehouses.

6. In warehouses K2150 sensor replaces 3-5 high-bay motion PIR-sensors of the world’s best manufacturers.

7.  In autonomous solar-powered street lighting systems sensors allows to reducing the capacity of batteries by several times.

8. Labeled as World efficient solution from Solarimpulse Foundation, Switzerland. This label proves that K2150 is both economical and ecological.


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