Smart Street, Smart City

  Street light control at parks, squares, and car parks at shopping molls, including ones complete with К2304 1-10V autonomous self-learning light dimmers


City street – installation of the К2150 sensor on the walls of houses, street light supports, etc. for the lights control and as a part of the Smart City system. The sensor may be complete with various radio modules, such as LPWAN – LoRa, NB-IoT, etc.)


Railway station platform – installation of the К2150 sensor on structures and light supports. Up to 70m x 2(3)m area per one sensor


Pedestrian crossing control by occupancy – automatic lighting power change, control command transmission to traffic lights.


Solar-powered street light. Using the sensor for occupancy detection in city streets and squares, illuminated by lamps that are equipped with solar cells and accumulators, will allow to considerably reduce the power and cost of solar panels and the capacity of accumulators. The К2150 sensor can be directly connected to 12V DC mains without any converters or inverters.


Private mansion area (as part of the Smart House system). The sensor can also work with various wireless radio modules


Warning of an oncoming vehicle or an animal on a narrow mountain road


As a traffic density sensor:
– Calculation of the vehicles moving in various directions
– Vehicle speed control
– Information transmission about the traffic flow to the nearest adaptive traffic lights for calculating the parameters of switching in different directions

The graphics from the following architects’ and companies’ design projects is used on this page Boyan Hristov, Zoran Nedeljkovic, Viktor Kovbunov, Nord Standart

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