Data centre


One sensor to cover 70 meters of an alley

One sensor instead of 3-4 ceiling PIR sensors

Default outputs: 30A relay and 1-10V for dimming, DALI on request


Nowadays, even the best LEDs use only 20 % of the energy for light emission and 80 % for heat generation.


50W light fixture = 40W heater (50 W x 0.8 = 40 W)!

100 pcs 50W light fixtures in Data centre = 4kW heater and the cooling system must always compensate those parasite heat emissions.
In such way, electric energy gets wasted twice – firstly on the air heating by fixtures, secondly on it’s cooling!

+4kW heating – 4kW cooling = Waste 8kW. Every hour! Every day!

Presence sensors in cooled rooms must be used!