Our first clients (К2150 occupancy detector)

The K2150 sensor is for sale for some few months only, and it is bought by the world-known companies to become our customers:

– PROTEK Group, Russia is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of Russia.  They used our sensors to make already 3 warehouses fully automatic.  At the first warehouse automation of 30 rack aisles (80 m each) required 30 our Sensors and 3 km of cable, while using the PIR-sensors required more than 100 sensors and 17 km of cable

– Decathlon S.A. is a French sporting goods retailer

– Wimm-Bill-Dann OJSC (PepsiCo Group) is one of Europe’s largest dairy products companies

– X5 Retail Group is the largest food retailer in Russia. As of 31 March 2017, X5 Retail Group had 9817 Company-operated stores

– Mareven Food Central

– Essen Logistics, Russia